Nonito Donaire Offers an Interesting Take on Manny Pacquiao

Over the last few weeks, Manny Pacquiao has gone through the typical athlete spin cycle. He’s experienced a lot of good press regarding his odds at defeating longtime rival Juan Manuel Marquez when the pair meets on November 12.

At the same time, he’s also been on the receiving end of some negative headlines, what with his current financial and legal difficulties.

It just so happens that more of the negative stuff has been making news recently and, thus, the Marquez stuff has kind of taken a backseat to the out-of-the-ring drama.

Well, luckily for Pacquiao, one of the guys he helped mentor in the sport of boxing is sticking up on his behalf.

Nonito Donaire, widely regarded as one of the top-tier young fighters in the world today, is currently preparing for an October 22 match against Omar Narvaez in New York. The bout doesn’t quite carry the same prestige that a Pacquiao fight would, obviously, but it’s still getting a fair amount of attention precisely because Donaire is such a young up and comer.

Fortunately for Pacquiao, Donaire remembers who his idols are. And, by the same token, he remembers who helped lift him up in boxing and show him just how far he could go if he set his mind to it. While doing some recent interviews in preparation for his upcoming match, Donaire didn’t try to shift the conversation back to himself -- like too many of today’s stars would -- when was questioned about the impact of Pacquiao on his career.

He relished the opportunity to talk glowingly about a guy who helped pave the way for him.

Check out Donaire gushing over his idol in the video below.


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