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Nonito Donaire and Mikey Garcia to Fight in Near Future?

Nonito Donaire and Mikey Garcia are two of the more exciting fighters in boxing today. Because their names aren’t Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, neither gets the attention they deserve, but both are extremely entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Donaire has won all but one of his professional bouts, with the lone defeat coming in only the second fight of his career. Since then he has racked up 30 consecutive victories, consistently improving and evolving from one to the next. His last two matches, in particular, perfectly illustrated how much the 30-year-old has grown through the years. He put on a stunning display against Toshiaki Nishioka in October of 2012, and then just a couple of months later, he thoroughly dismantled Jorge Arce with ease.

Garcia’s road to the here and now has also been extremely notable. The 25-year-old has gone undefeated throughout his entire career, and 26 of his 31 total victories have come by way of knockout. While the impressiveness of his most recent win over Orlando Salido largely depends on your opinion of Salido as a fighter (eh), there is no denying that he stopped a five straight knockout streak en route to victory.

Given how intriguing both Donaire and Garcia are, naturally, there has been talk about the two possibly meeting up at some point. It’s not as ballyhooed a prospective showdown as Donaire-Abner Mares, but it’s still one that has at least been considered.

During a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Garcia’s brother and trainer, Robert, made it clear that we would never see a Donaire-Garcia bout.

“No, no I don't think so. Nonito, I've been with Nonito for many years and I love him and his family and his team. I'm still involved in his camp [and] Mikey is my little brother [so you] definitely won't see it. Even if for some reason I wasn't working with Nonito, I still wouldn't want to see that fight because I still love him. It would just be a fight that wouldn't make sense for me. I know the boxing world would love it but not me” said Garcia.

What’s next for Mikey then?

“Right now at Featherweight we have to see Cameron Dunkin has lined up for [Mikey] and if there's nothing maybe our next move is to move up to 130. But it’s all up to Cameron Dunkin. If he has a few fighters lined up that we might fight then we'll probably stay at Featherweight. If not we'll move up and maybe leave the title vacant for Nonito Donaire. You never know, we're a team [and] we're going to work as a team and leave it all up to Cameron Dunkin.”

So there you go. Cross that potential match off the wish list, folks.

(Boxing Scene)


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