Nobody is Interested in Bringing in Brett Favre


Sick of Brett Favre? Well then this will be good news. Because despite some of the rumors of Favre returning this year (ahem…Eagles), Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Favre didn’t get a “single call” this offseason from any NFL team.

“I haven’t heard from anybody saying, ‘We’d like to talk to you about Brett,’ ” Favre’s agent Bus Cook said. “There have been rumors about Philadelphia, Miami, Indianapolis. But we have not had any calls.”

That’s great news for people who are sick of the attention-needy QB being in the media. Whether he was playing or not, it was indeed annoying.

While this might not be the last we hear from Favre in a football context, I think we’re getting close. If we get through this season and maybe next offseason, we should be in the clear.


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