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No Showtime This Time: Manny Pacquiao v. Marquez Headed to HBO

The November 12 pay-per-view bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will be distributed by HBO, Top Rank announced on Friday.

As reported earlier in the week, Bob Arum and the rest of his Top Rank machine were working hard to secure the best possible deal for the third and final battle between Pacquiao and Marquez. This match, of course, marks the first fight for Pacquiao since his defection from HBO to Showtime for his May 7 match against Shane Mosley. That move had a massive impact on all parties involved, and this recent decision is no less consequential.

While everyone was tight-lipped about the details surrounding the choice to move back to HBO, Top Rank president Todd Duboef did have this to say to Multichannel News:

"We had two incredible and unprecedented proposals from enormous media companies that offered so many assets that would have helped promote and create awareness for the product," DuBoef explained. "HBO's proposal included all of the Time Warner entities - which include both digital and cable nets, its publications and very aggressive marketing -- and that was obviously something that we were interested in. It's not just solely an HBO platform."

Obviously HBO learned its lesson from earlier this year, when Showtime piggybanked off of the resources made available to it via its parent company, CBS, to provide Pacquiao and Mosley the best possible arrangement. That fight, in turn, ended up having the most PPV buys of the year thus far.

With the Pacquiao v. Marquez fight set in stone now, and the ultimate end result of that match being equally known, maybe Arum and the rest of his minions can now focus on making a fight happen with that one other guy.

You know, the other really great boxer currently making headlines.



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