No Rematch Clause for Manny Pacquiao Against Margarito


Most boxing fans feel pound-for-pound boxing king Manny Pacquiao is basically in a no-lose situation when he takes on Antonio Margarito of Mexico Nov. 13 in Dallas, Texas. If the Filipino boxing sensation should win, he’d be taking home his eighth world title in eight different weight classes -- the bout is for the WBC Super Welterweight title at a catch weight of 151 lbs.

If he loses, fans will point to the fact Pacquiao is much smaller than Margarito in size, height, and reach, etc. And Pac-Man has come up in weight to take on a natural welterweight and much bigger man. Fans also assume if Pacquiao should lose, there would be an automatic rematch but, according to his promoter Bob Arum, that isn’t the case.

Arum is the head of Top Rank Promotions and promotes both Pacquiao and Margarito. He said there isn’t a rematch clause in the contract simply because nobody asked him for one. However, he added if the underdog Margarito should pull off an upset, it would be hard not to schedule a rematch. Arum said he would definitely have put a rematch clause in the contract if Margarito wasn’t a Top Rank fighter as well.

It’s just assumed because Arum promotes both boxers that there wouldn’t be any problem in negotiating a second fight. But Arum didn’t say what would happen regarding a rematch if Pacquiao wins. He did say the WBO Welterweight Champion should be back in the ring by next May though, and mentioned Floyd Mayweather Jr., Devon Alexander, Shane Mosley, and Andre Berto as possible opponents. Arum doesn’t want Pacquiao to fight over the welterweight limit of 147 lbs. anymore, though.

Even though he promotes both fighters, Arum favors Pacquiao in the match. He said he thinks Margarito is the perfect opponent for the Filipino because even though he’s highly skilled, Margarito can’t match Pacquiao’s speed. But Arum had his doubts last week as he watched Pacquiao train and said Margarito would beat him if he didn’t pick up his speed. He said he was confident Pacquiao would be ready and in top shape once the bell rang though.

Margarito should be a tough opponent. He now has the chance to redeem himself after being accused of cheating and adding a plaster of Paris type substance to his gloves in a previous fight with Miguel Cotto. Margarito was found guilty and had his boxing license suspended in California. The former WBA Welterweight Champion will be determined to prove he can beat a top-class fighter in Pacquiao without any outside help.

The bout is scheduled for Cowboys Stadium on Nov. 13. Pacquiao (51-3-2, 38 Kos) is favored at Bet At Home Sportsbook with odds -575 of while Margarito’s (38-6, 26 Kos) odds are +375.


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