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Heat vs. Spurs: Which One Is America's Team?

It looks like just about everyone outside of South Florida wants the Spurs to take down the Heat in the Finals.

In our Sports poll, 73% of you said you want to see Popovich and co. be the 2014 NBA champions. It looks like you all aren’t alone in your thinking, either. An ESPN SportsNation poll found that 56% of Americans want to see San Antonio win the finals while just 28% would like to see Miami win.Only one state in the entire country – Florida, of course – has more voters pulling for Miami than for the Spurs.

Here's a map of the poll results:

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Of course, the bad guy role is nothing new for the Heat. People have disliked Miami ever since the Big Three came together for the same reason people hate the Yankees so much: they bought talent that some other team took years developing.

In many ways, these two teams are the antithesis of each other. The Spurs feature homegrown players working flawlessly together in a system where the sum is greater than each part. Meanwhile the Heat are driven primarily by one player (who happens to be the best in the world) and whoever steps up on any given night as his sidekick. The Spurs can lose their best player and still have a chance to win this series. You wont hear anyone say that about the Heat.

Both of these approaches have worked, of course, and each team has the titles to prove it. But it looks like America overwhelmingly wants to see the old guys from Texas win this one.

Speaking of old guys, check out how Miami fans responded to that “Built vs. Bought” Spurs billboard we showed you earlier:

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