No NFL Season? No Problem: 2011 Tickets Selling Faster than 2010


Are you ready for some football? If purchases of 2011 season tickets are any indicator, then the answer is a resounding “YES.”

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal,“the NFL is ahead of last year’s pace for season ticket sales despite the lockout…”

Apparently, the fact there may not be any professional football in 2011 hasn’t stopped legions of devoted fans out there from forking over their hard-earned money. Keep in mind, this news comes shortly after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell publicly stated that business across the league is down substantially. In that same statement, he noted, interestingly enough, teams were feeling the burn as far as season ticket sales.


So what does all this mean? It’s hard to say at this point. On one hand, the fact the league has no leg to stand on as it tries to undersell how much money is pouring in, is good for the players and fans. On the other hand, this has happened in the past with other issues, and the league managed to squirm out of it somehow.

At the end of the day, this may not influence things one bit. Season tickets are only a discussion point in a bigger discussion. The way things are looking right now, a 2011 season is anything but a foregone conclusion.  


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