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No NFL in 2011?

Although a day ago things were looking up for the 2011 NFL season, thanks to the apparent progress made in the CBA talks between the league and the NFLPA, those talks may have broken down again, as the sides left the federal mediator’s office after just 4 hours of negotiations on Monday. It’s not all gloom and doom yet, and because none of the sides talked to the press in the wake of the short session – per the mediator’s instructions – so it is unclear what perspired. Things do look bleaker though and that makes us ponder yet again, what the consequences of an “up-in-smoke” 2011 season would be.

Above and beyond the obvious (like the fans missing out on a whole season of action), there will be much more painful fallout too. There are a whole bunch of players – great players – who only have a season or two left on their tickers. Without a 2011 season, the public will miss what’s quite probably one of the last few opportunities to see these guys do what they do best. They will also be denied a decent retirement, something that most of them more than deserve. LaDanian Tomlinson, aged 31, has played 10 seasons, 9 of which were outstanding ones with the San Diego Chargers.

He is currently with the Jets and slowly but surely fading into the background, in Shonn Greene’s shadow. If there is no 2011 season, chances are the Jets will not want him back for 2012. Ray Lewis, a true leader, aged 35, played 15 seasons and he may have gas for a couple more there. An unexpected break for someone of his age may bring about an unexpceted decision though. Also on the ‘endangered’ list are Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Charles Woodson and Tony Gonzales.

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