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NFL: Jaguars are Awful, Don't Deserve the Colts' Respect

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I despise the Jaguars. 

Apparently, it's a pretty common feeling these days. I'm glad the hatred of the Jaguars is spreading, because back in the day people questioned why I dislike them so much. I used to spend hours finding ways to denigrate the most annoying franchise in football (offensive language alert). It's not like I speak without knowledge either. Luke and I once traveled to Jacksonville. It's a hole.

Many of you know that our loathing of the Jags extends even to fantasy football. In the 18to88 league, no one can have a Jaguar or Patriot on their team. That's how much we dislike them. It may seem out of sync with their comparative skill on the field, but Chris S. said it best in the comments yesterday:

Look, I hate Brady and I hate Belichick. 

But, I hate them like the SS officer in an Indiana Jones movie.  You hate that guy.  You enjoy watching his face melt off, but you know that he's the one to worry about.

Del Rio is more like the principal in Ferris Bueller.  Yes, you hate him.  He has a certain animal cunning. But, you fully expect Ferris to win, due to the principal's pigfaced stupidity.

So, yes, he's not Brady, not Belichick, but I really, really hate Del Rio.

I like that analogy. I have great respect for Belichick. I think he's without question one of the greatest coaches of all time. Jack Del Rio is a terrible coach who only has a job because his owner is too cheap to fire him.  He treats his veterans like dirt. He publicly rips his quarterback.  He chops off the legs of his players with an ax.

His comments yesterday were embarrassing. Now, I'm hearing that in Jacksonville, they are calling this the biggest regular season game in Jags history? Please. The Monday night game in which the undefeated Colts stomped the 1 loss Jags was a much bigger game for the fate of the franchise. That's part of what I hate. The franchise and the city have no sense of themselves...or perspective...or history. They remember the couple of times the Jags have beaten the Colts, but the 14 or so times the Colts have toppled them just blend together.

Like most Colts games, this will go down as a big game until Indy wins. Then everyone will forget about it after the fact. No one remembers Indy's win over the Vikings in 2000. Even I had to look up a win over the Jags to finish the 2002 season and lock down a playoff seed. 

So here's to another big game over a hated rival. My hope is that in two or three years no one remembers it as anything more than a typical Colts win over the Jags...a team they've dominated for a decade.

I'll be back later with thoughtful stat laden stuff about the offensive line, but I had to get this off my chest this morning. 

We've got to take these guys down. They are asking for it.


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