College Basketball: No. 1 Buckeyes Making a Statement


With one win between The Ohio State Men’s Basketball team and the outright Big 10 championship, the Buckeyes seem to be kicking a**, taking names and punctuating every opportunity with an exclamation point.  It seems that the more the Buckeyes plant that pivot foot, the more the doubts are squashed beneath it.  With March madness quickly approaching, the Buckeyes are looking better than ever.

So, opposing teams, hide your playbooks, and hide your weaknesses because the Buckeyes are climbin’ in your gymnasium and snatchin’ your dignity up.  Just ask Penn State; Tuesday night they felt the wrath of a record setting performance from the one named “3bler” in an 82-61 win in the Jordan Center.  Did I mention it was their senior night? Ouch.

Unfortunately for the on-looking 15,000 + fans and teary eyed families of respective Penn State seniors, the Buckeyes took no prisoners. Holding the Nittany Lions to a mere 18 points in the first half, the Buckeyes never took the salt off the wound that the Lions had incurred.  It was the Buckeyes game from start to finish.  Even the fans acknowledged that when they gave a standing ovation to Senior Buckeye Jon Diebler when he finally was taken out of the game after a record setting shooting spree.

With 2 minutes left to play in the game, Thad Matta had to sit Diebler on the bench.  But, not before he could set the school record with 10 3-pointers, tie the Big 10 record, and score a career high 30 points while helping his team to a 23 point lead with 2 minutes to play. In a post game interview he told a reporter, “it seemed like the basket was an ocean.” Well, all I have to say about that statement is that the Nittany Lions surely experienced some sea sickness. And, in the wake of Diebler’s magical performance, sea-sickness is the perfect term for the disorientation the Lions must have felt.  From the way Diebler was shooting almost nothing but net the entire game, you would have thought it was his senior night. Sorry about the confusion Penn State, Dieblers senior night is next week.

With an already guaranteed share of the Big-10 championship title, the Buckeyes will embrace a senior night of their own tomorrow night against the no. 10 Wisconsin Badgers.

However, many pessimistic critics may say, the Buckeyes are extremely vulnerable on Sunday.  They have the reestablished pressure of a no. 1 rank; they are coming off a victory that may have put their ego up a few levels and their fear of a potential loss down.  But, in my opinion, this team is a little bit more special than that.  With star players across the board and a team that Diebler explained to be, “unselfish,” I simply can’t see the Buckeyes slipping from no.1 again.

Not to mention, the Buckeyes have unfinished business with the Badgers who knocked them off their no. 1 spot earlier this season.

With a compilation of senior night emotions, a bone that definitely needs to be picked, a what’s sure to be packed crowd, the hot hands of certain senior named Diebler, and the overall unstoppable dynamic of a no. 1 Ohio State team, the Buckeyes have a quite a few elements in their favor come Sunday.  The only thing I can say to Wisconsin is, “Too Badger not a Buckeye.”  On Sunday, I predict nothing less than a Buckeye blowout with fanatic fans and a Schottenstein filled with believers.

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