Nike Unveils New LeBron James Shoe: LeBron Air Max 8

You can't form a new team without a new turquoise shoe. LeBron James -- he of the pending six-time NBA champions -- unveiled his new $160 Nike shoe creation, The LeBron 8 Miami Edition, at the House of Hoops in South Beach on Oct. 16. 

Interestingly, James chose to debut his loud, nonsensical turquoise-color shoe -- instead of black-and-red Heat colors, which are coming soon. In the video below, you'll notice the shoe features a lion on the tongue because -- I couldn't make this up -- a "a lion is on the hunt and LeBron James is obviously on the hunt for a championship." Don't lions sleep like 22 hours out of the day? I guess those two "active" hours are enough time to beat the Washington Wizards -- as long as Gilbert Arenas doesn't bring his guns.  

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