Nike Sues Reebok for Selling Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys

Nike Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Reebok International Ltd. for using Tim Tebow’s name on New York Jets jerseys without first getting its permission.

As noted by Tom Weir of USA Today, Reebok’s old deal with the NFL Players Association -- which would have given it the right to sell Tebow’s Jets jersey without a problem -- expired on March 1. Given that Tebow wasn’t traded to the Jets until March 21, it would appear as though Reebok doesn’t have grounds to be selling the merchandise. However, in response to Nike’s lawsuit, Reebok noted that its deal with NFL Properties is actually runs through March 31. It is only on the following day that Nike assumes control.

Who’s ultimately in the right? That apparently will get sorted out in court. If Nike gets its way, though, then Reebok would likely be forced to destroy all jerseys and Tebow-related merchandise, as well as pay damages.

You see the full lawsuit over on Deadspin.

For more information on what exactly is going on, check out CNBC’s report in the video below.

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