Nik Lentz Wants a Shot at Jose Aldo Sooner Rather than Later

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Nik Lentz (22-5-2-1 NC) thinks that his move to the featherweight division means that a shot at UFC Featherweight Champion José Aldo (21-1) isn't far away.

"I think I match up great against him," said Lentz. "I think that he's never faced a grappler like me. I honestly think that there's no 145 pound [fighter who] has the same strength as me, as far as grappling and just pure strength.

Though Lentz is excited about a possible championship shot, he knows he'll need to win a few more fights.

"There's going to be a big difference strength-wise between me and the rest of the 145 pound world," said Lentz. "So I think we match up great. He's definitely a freak athlete. All his shots have a lot of power in them. It's going to be an insanely hard fight once I get to that point. But you can't really look down the road too much, I have to win a lot more fights before I get to fight him, and by then who knows who's going to be the champion, you know? I don't think he's as unbeatable as people think he is."

After Lentz lost two fights in a row at lightweight, he won in his featherweight debut at UFC 150

Whoever is Lentz's next challenger, he's ready.

"So as far as who I want to fight, I think I can beat anyone in the world, so whoever they pick for me that's who I fight," said Lentz.

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