MMA Analysis: XKO 9

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Arlington, TX - There are certain constants in the world.  The sun will always rise in the east and set in the west.  Fish will always swim in the ocean.  Adding to that list of unmistakable facts is that an Xtreme Knockout promoted card will feature a plethora of high-intensity bouts along with a party-like atmosphere.  All in all, XKO 9 will be a hard card to top. All photos by Edward Garza/

XKO Welterweight Main Event
Clay Hantz (5-3) TKO RD 2 (Doctor Stoppage) Kano Gregoire (7-3)
Time of Stoppage: 0:10 RD 2

Heading into this fight, the majority of the hype surrounded the one man wrecking machine that is Gregoire.  Undefeated in the XKO cage, it was thought that Hantz would be up against insurmountable odds.  Well, this is why they fight the fights.  Gregoire did come out strong, nearly choking out Hantz in the opening round.  But, Hantz is all warrior and using some sharp elbow strikes while grappling was able to open a vicious cut on Gregoire’s head.  It was as nasty a cut as you would come by but Gregoire seemed unfazed.  However, the ringside physician thought otherwise and waived a halt to the bout.  With the win Hantz will tackle Brad Cox at XKO 10 for the XKO welterweight title. 

XKO Welterweight Co-Main Event
Brad Cox (2-0) UD 3 Edwynn “Ox” Jones
Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

Few fighters in the state of Texas have fought the level of competition that Houston’s Edywnn Jones has.  It was without a doubt, Cox’s most dangerous opponent to date in a career that is still in its infancy.  However, as inexperienced as Cox may be, he sure didn’t show it Saturday night as he battered and bludgeoned Jones over the course of the fight.  Despite displaying his trademark toughness in the cage, Cox was able to unleash a flurry of hard combinations to the head of Jones.  Even when things went to the ground Cox seemed at ease using some impressive grappling maneuvers to posture up and unleash some concussive ground and pound.  Jones is as cagey as they come so the fact that Cox was able to control the action throughout the fight illustrates why many fight fans in North Texas consider him to be a fighter on the rise.

XKO Lightweight Fight
Chris Pecero (3-1) TKO RD 1 Jarret Jones (4-5)
Time of Stoppage:  1:00 RD 1

Pecero brought the pain in his fight against highly respected Jones.  After a nip-and-tuck affair early on, Pacero dropped the hammer on Jones with a wicked left hook.  Jones, floored by the shot, eat a follow salvo of ground and pound that put him out for the night. 

XKO Lightweight Fight
Burt McDonald (1-0) UD 3 Moises Diaz (1-3)
Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

There are fights, and then there are wars.  McDonald and Diaz engaged in the later as these two warriors let it all hang out over three brutal rounds.  While Diaz may have earned the first round with his control and wrestling, McDonald roared back in the second with true grit and determination.  This was as hotly a contested fight as one could ever imagine with both fighters giving everything they had.  It was a war of attrition and one that was won by McDonald, though to be honest, in a fair and just world both fighters would leave the cage with a victory.


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