Nick Gilbert is Getting Grounded if Cavs Don't Win the Draft Lottery

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The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery will be held in about three weeks, and the Charlotte Bobcats figure to be favorites to get the No. 1 pick.

Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted all the luck they could get after their disastrous post-LeBron season. Team owner Dan Gilbert brought his 14-year-old son, Nick, to help out the cause and, amazingly enough, it worked. The Cavs got the No. 1 pick and were able to grab Kyrie Irving.

Since then, Irving has done wonders for his squad.

Brendan Bowers -- who runs Stepien Rules -- says that this year, the Cavs will be doing everything the same exact way they did last year. On top of that, Bowers tweeted that if Nick can't get the Cavs to grab the No. 1 pick (again), Dan Gilbert will ground him for the rest of the summer:

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He also had this to say:

The Draft Lottery and Grounding Nick: Dan Gilbert said he's a real superstitious person when it comes to the Draft Lottery later this month. He said he is "trying to do everything the same as they did last year - same clothes, same people, same routine".  He said that other people have asked if they can come this season and he told them no. The same group that went last year, including Josh Cribbs, Joe Haden, Bernie Kosar and Nick Gilbert himself, will be the same people going again. The only new addition to that group will be Kyrie Irving, who was kinda already there too last season anyways I guess. Dan also said that if Nick Gilbert "doesn't win the first overall pick again this year, he will be grounded for the entire summer."


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