Nick Diaz Wants to Get His Suspension Shortened

Nick Diaz is filing another petition, in hopes of having his year-long suspension shortened. According to Ross Goodman, an attorney hired by Diaz, he believes the Nevada Athletic Commission was wrong in their decision.

Diaz was found to have traces of marijuana in his system following a fight with Carlos Condit earlier this year. After Condit was awarded the victory, Diaz announced his retirement. It has since been stated by his trainer/manager, Cesar Gracie, that Diaz would return to fight upon being cleared.

"The Commission needs to understand that is cannot act with impunity in the exercise of its authority. In Diaz's opinion, while fighters must respect the lawful authority of state athletic commissions, they should not accept unjust and unlawful disciplinary action," said a member of Diaz's legal team, in an interview with MMAFighting.com. "Further, Diaz finds it bizarre that the Commission is vigorously policing legal marijuana use outside competition while at the same endorsing and sanctioning the use of steroids and testosterone - which has a direct effect on fighters and their opponents in competition."

Diaz will be allowed to re-seek his fight license on February 4, 2013. However, if the court rules to overturn the decision, Diaz would be allowed to compete right away.

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