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Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva: "Not Going to Happen"

Cesar Gracie, the manager and trainer for Nick Diaz, made mention of his fighter requesting a possible super-fight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Well, according to UFC president Dana White, that isn't about to happen.

"I can tell you this, not theoretically - Diaz/Anderson is not going to happen," said White, in an interview with on Thursday. "That's just ridiculous. (Gracie) would have a better chance of convincing me, I don't know, to get hair plugs."

Diaz is currently under suspension for a failed post-fight drug test. He announced his retirement after the loss to Carlos Condit, but seems ready to return to action. His fight license can be re-applied for next February in Nevada.

White said that placing UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a fight with Silva would make more sense, but added, "You don't know what's going to happen," in the future with either fighter.

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