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NHL Western Conference Playoffs Set, Odds on Champ

By Glen

Though the final regular season games count for something in the Eastern Conference, each NHL Western Conference team has already sealed their spot in the playoffs. Odds have now been released on these teams, as well as their chances of success. The top eight teams in the Western Division have not shown much disparity amongst the points earned for their success, though the San Jose Sharks and Chicago Blackhawks have clinched their divisions with 111 points, a solid ten points ahead Vancouver Canucks, who took 101 points to win their division.

The Phoenix Coyotes, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators, and Colorado Avalanche have all also made it to the playoffs.

Currently, the Sharks are expected, according to Brobury Sportsbook, to take the Western Division. Though the Sharks faced limited success, winning only two games of their first set in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, their improvements over the past season may put them in a position to make a successful run to the Finals.

Standing at equal NHL Odds, as well as equal points, the Chicago Blackhawks are a heavy favorite for the Western Division Champion. Having made it to the divisional finals in the 2009 Playoffs, the Blackhawks may be staring at what could be a repeat of the season. Last year they were quashed by the Red Wings, but the Wings have had a tumultuous run to the playoffs in the 2009-2010 regular season.

The team who has won more Stanley Cup championships than any other, the Red Wings, is the next favored for the Western Division Championship. Holding only 100 points for the season, with 43 wins, 24 losses, and 14 overtime losses. Through most of the season, the Wings were outside of the playoff berth.

Perhaps the best shot at the Western Division Championship for the 2010 NHL Playoffs, the Blackhawks are entering the playoffs with a 6 game winning streak. Behind only the Washington Capitals in terms of games won, the Blackhawks are sporting an impressive 52-22-7 record for the regular season. The Sharks are also gathering attention for their chance at the Western Division, though the Red Wings have always managed to pull through in the Playoffs, even when the chips are down.

When considering the Western Division, however, one must not ignore the Phoenix Coyotes, as Phoenix has managed to pull together a victory when totally unexpected.

Time is running out until the beginning of the playoffs, and most of the best online sportsbooks are already beginning to close the lines on the Western Conference champions. Brobury Sportsbook is still offering odds for players to take advantage of.

San Jose Sharks – +200
Chicago Blackhawks – +200
Detroit Red Wings – +300
Vancouver Canucks – +500
Phoenix Coyotes – +500
Los Angeles Kings – +1800
Nashville Predators – +2500
Colorado Avalanche – +4000


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