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NHL Sells World’s Dumbest Merchandise: Forest Face

The NHL has long since been recognized as the red-headed step child of the four major American professional sports leagues. Hockey on TV has been relegated to the dark depths of channels nobody watches. The sport’s stars are few and far between. And the merchandise the league peddles – well, it’s just embarrassing.

Whereas the NFL and NBA proudly showcase jerseys and other cool stuff in their shops, here is what the NHL is offering these days (via Yahoo! Sports):

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Nope, those aren’t disguises you can use to stalk your ex-girlfriend. They actually wouldn’t be as awful if that’s what they were. No, those are Forest Faces. What are Forest Faces? Well, to start, Forest Faces are things that nobody will ever buy. But more specifically, they’re $30 disguises that you can put on trees.

Here is the product description:

Decorate your favorite tree with team spirit and this NHL® team forest face from Team Sports America. The weather-resistant resin face features a cap that is adorned with the official team logo. Each piece comes with a durable hook for easy hanging.

So there you have it.

On the bright side, at least this garbage has a higher resale value than Green Bay Packers stock.

(Kudos toYahoo! Sports for the great find)

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