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NHL Playoffs Semi-Finals Spots Clinched

The 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs began with a first games writhe with upsets: The Canadiens trumped the Capitals, the Flyers soared over the Devils, the Senators ruled the Penguins, the Avalanche rumbled through the Sharks, the Bruins cut the Sabres, the Devils corrupted the Coyotes, and the Predators consumed the Blackhawks.

The Conference quarter-finals had not followed entirely in suit, though some upsets had occurred, thus slanting the odds to win the Cup.

In the Eastern Conference, the 8th seeded Canadiens managed to pulverize the team that was the heavy favorite to win the Stanley Cup – the Washington Capitals. The Flyers, the seventh seed, had also managed to oust their higher seeded opposition, the second seeded New Jersey Devils. When the Bruins beat the Sabres, some were almost expecting the Eastern Conference to be left entirely to the underdogs. The Penguins, the fourth seed, managed to take the Senators in six games.

In the Eastern conference semi-finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins will battle the Canadiens, while the Boston Bruins will fight the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Western Conference was dissimilar from the Eastern, except for one except in a game seven contest. The Sharks, the Blackhawks, and the Canucks all took their victories in six games, sending them into the semi-finals. The Red Wings, 11 time Stanley Cup Champions, took down the Phoenix Coyotes in an upsetting game seven, a game that ended with a 6-1 loss suffered by the Coyotes.

The Western conference will host the Sharks versus the Red Wings, while the Blackhawks will contend with the Canucks.

Though many of the best online sportsbooks have taken away their odds to win the Stanley Cup by team, has kept up with the odds. The semi-finals do not carry the high payout potential like the quarter-finals, and new teams are favoring the victory.

With the demise of the Washington Capitals, the Pittsburgh Penguins have been installed as the favored team to take the Stanley Cup. Behind them lie the Blackhawks, then the Detroit Red Wings, tied with the sharks for third most likely to win.. The Canadiens, who originally sported +5000 odds to win the Stanley Cup, have been bumped to +1500 to win the Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguins – +250
Chicago Blackhawks – +400
Detroit Redwings – +500
San Jose Sharks – +500
Vancouver Canucks – +600
Boston Bruins – +1000
Philadelphia Flyers – +1200
Montreal Canadiens – +1500


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