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NFL Winners and Losers: Patriots, Jags, Saints, Jets, Bengals

It's time for the Week 13 edition of 'NFL Winners and Losers.' Each week I will take a look at some of the bonehead plays, stupid decisions and horrible calls. I'll also give credit where credit is due and point out the good surprises each week. Here. We. Go.


New England Patriots: This team is a powerhouse once again. The offense runs like clockwork. Tom Brady is unstoppable. Remember when people used to say that anyone could rush for 1,000 yards in Mike Shanahan's offense? Well, any player who is a teammate of Brady instantly looks like a Pro-Bowler.

Brady is simply on fire. Think about it. The Patriots gave up Randy Moss, and they got better offensively. It's all Brady. He's having one of the best seasons of his career and despite the average New England defense; the Patriots are Super Bowl contenders primarily because of Brady.

DeSean Jackson: WOW! Electrric. The stat line says it all – 4 receptions, 210 yards and 1 touchdown

Jacksonville Jaguars: Did anybody think before the season that the Raiders-Jaguars game would be one of the most entertaining games of the season? It was a shootout. The Jags offense just couldn't be stopped in the second half, scoring 31 of their 38 points (Seriously, how ridiculous is that?).

The Jags just keep winning. Maurice Jones-Drew is an MVP candidate. David Garrard is looking more and more like he did in 2007 when he threw 18 touchdown passes and only three interceptions. The offense averages more than 20 points per game and they're in first place in the AFC South, one game ahead of the Indianapolis Colts.

New Orleans Saints: Has anyone realized New Orleans is 10-3? Anyone? Bueller, Anyone?


Hunter Smith/Graham Gano: Well, that was embarrassing. The sad thing is that even if Smith held onto the ball, there was a pretty good chance Gano was missing it anyways. He had already missed a couple chip shots (in bad weather but still...).

The Redskins might have the most inept offense in the NFL. They don't move the ball up the field. The receivers are average at best. They struggle to score touchdowns in the red zone (and away from the red zone for that matter). Mike Shanahan has clock management problems. And to top it off, they're not even safe with the field goal team on the field.

It really doesn't look like Washington is winning another game this season. (Hunter Smith was released).

New York Jets: Same old Jets? Is this the 1986 10-1 Jets that collapsed and backed their way into the playoffs losing their last 5 games? The 2008 8-3 Jets that collapsed all together? They couldn't even score a touchdown? Not one touchdown? Against the Dolphins (no offense)? I didn't overreact when the Patriots pummeled the Jets. I think New England is just a better team, a much better team. I didn't think the Jets were "exposed." I didn't think their season was crumbling down. But now they travel to Pittsburgh and then to Chicago in Week 16. It's not looking good.

Carson Palmer: Seriously, stop throwing into double, triple  and quadruple coverage! More often than not it won't work out. - Michael Klopman

Michael, a Penn State Graduate writes for Xtra Point Football, Around the Horn Baseball, and works on the sports page at the Huffington Post.

Email Michael at or follow him on Twitter at Mklopman

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