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NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Broncos, Chiefs, Colts, Patriots, Bengals, Chargers and More

The AFC continues to be the weaker conference overall, with only 6 teams over .500. What does that mean for your team though? See where they rank in this week’s AFC Power Rankings:

#1 Denver Broncos

            Not much to complain about in Denver right now. The defense stepped up big time against the Redskins a few weeks ago and they are coming off of a bye.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs

            Yes, this team is undefeated, but they have been unimpressive the last few weeks against back up Quarterbacks and have only beaten 1 team with a winning record (Cowboys). 

#3 Indianapolis Colts

            I don’t think this team is nearly as good without Reggie Wayne. Luck has been great at coming back, but doesn’t seem to know how to put teams away as a frontrunner.

#4 New England Patriots

            What a huge mental boost the Pats offense got Sunday against the Steelers. Putting up 55 points (most of the year for any team) is no joke, no matter whom you are playing.

#5 Cincinnati Bengals

            This team is hard to read. Beating solid teams one week, then choking against inferior teams the following. I still don’t believe Andy Dalton has what it takes to get them where they want to go.

#6 San Diego Chargers

            This team gave away a win after having 1st and goal and failing to score Sunday. With an outside chance at a Wild Card though, this team has still overachieved.

#7 Tennessee Titans

            The Titans beat a struggling Rams team on Sunday, but it was road win nonetheless. Plus, Jake Locker is back. All of which leads to the fact that the jury is still out on this team.

#8 New York Jets

            This might be the worst 4-3 team in history. Based on point differential, this team is only better than the Jaguars and Texans in the AFC.

#9 Miami Dolphins

            All of the drama surrounding this team is overshadowing the fact that they are still alive in the Wild Card hunt.

#10 Cleveland Browns

            The Browns look smarter week by week as Richardson continues to struggle and the Browns keep winning division games.

#11 Houston Texans

            I love what I am seeing out of Case Keenum… reminds me a little of a young Brett Favre.

#12 Baltimore Ravens

            Even the staunchest of Joe Flacco supporters cannot defend his ineptness anymore.

#13 Buffalo Bills

            This team has found a way to hang in games against teams they shouldn’t be hanging in against.

#14 Oakland Raiders

            Your team is not in a good place when the Eagles embarrass you at home.

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers

            Never thought I would see the day when this team would give up 55 points.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars

            With Blackmon gone, the Jags might as well get Tebow and run it every single play.

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