NFL Week 5 Rundown: Giants, Seahawks, Colts, Cam Newton and More

No one thought the Seahawks had a chance of upsetting the Giants yesterday. A bad road team from the putrid NFC Less versus a Giant team that had won three in a row did not seem like the recipe for an underdog to win. The first part of these beliefs held up to be true.

The Seahawks played like crap turning the ball over three times, twice inside the Giants 20 yard line, and racking up 10 penalties for 70 yards. The Giants though did not play remotely like a 3-1 team that hadn’t lost since opening weekend. They topped the Seahawks with five turnovers, allowed a safety and gave up on Seattle’s game winning touchdown pass because they thought an offsides penalty would whistle the play dead. A truly awful performance by New York that makes one scrutinize their 3-2 record. The three wins came against the 0-4 Rams, 1-4 Eagles and the 1-4 Cardinals. Those teams aren’t cracking anybody’s top 10 teams this week. Seattle still stinks after yesterday but I think we all learned that the Giants cannot be considered a good team.

I’m all for the Suck for Luck movement but can the Colts be a little more discrete in their participation. I thought they did a good job of “blowing’ a third quarter seven point lead last week in Tampa. Any bad team can lose a touchdown advantage on the road against a half decent squad like the Bucs. I think they showed their hand this week though. When you accidentally get a 17-0 lead in the 1st half at home against a bad Chiefs team you have to win the game even if it hurts your quest for the number one overall draft pick. Indianapolis doesn’t want Bill Polian getting slapped with any fines from commissioner Goodell do they?

While Cam Newton is the frontrunner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award he has some competition from A.J. Green. While Newton has received all the attention due to the position he plays and the 12 total touchdowns he has amassed Green is quietly putting together a sensational season. The Bengals wideout has 24 catches for 402 receiving yards and three TD’s even though he has fellow rookie Andy Dalton throwing him the ball. Another aspect to consider; Carolina is 1-4 while the Bengals are 3-2. Despite all the oohs and aahs Newton’s play is not leading to wins.

The Texans always lose games like yesterday. They outgained the Raiders by almost 200 yards yet somehow found a way to fall at home to a team they are better then. And I don’t want to hear that they didn’t have Andre Johnson as an excuse. Matt Schaub had no problem finding open receivers with over 400 yards passing and two TD’s despite Johnson’s absence.

Was Mike Singletary that bad or is Jim Harbaugh this good? Well if you look at the 49ers turnaround compared to last year with basically the same cast of characters the answer is simply yes. While Singletary never had a clue as to what type of team he wanted Harbaugh has done a great job of evaluating the talent he has and forming an identity out of it. San Francisco is simply a team with a good defense and decent running game that won’t allow their average at best quarterback beat them. Alex Smith is only averaging 25 pass attempts per game, which is a big reason why he only has one INT. Depend on your strengths and nurture your weaknesses. It’s what any good coach has to do when he doesn’t have a ton of talent at his disposal.

Three weeks ago I noted that the Jets had a tough three game road trip ahead of them. I said two losses would make it difficult for Gang Green to win the AFC East. What then does three losses mean? It means that a division crown will now be almost impossible to capture especially with the Bills and Patriots both 4-1. The hole the Jets have put themselves in will also make it difficult for them to even make the playoffs. While there is a lot of season left to make up ground New York finds itself tied for 12th place with the Chiefs. If my limited math skills are correct they have to jump six teams just to grab the second wild card spot. Not exactly what Rex Ryan and company envisioned during another training camp of Super Bowl predictions.

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