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NFL Week 4 Notes and Observations: Titans, Texans, 49ers, Jets, Vikings, Buccaneers and More

The King spent some serious time reviewing a few of Sunday’s games, and here are some of his key observations.

-Chris Johnson ran with more confidence and authority this week. He was decisive and confident. Be confident in him as a Fantasy owner going forward.

-Matt Hasselbeck can keep the Titans passing game moving. If he gets Kenny Britt back any time soon, the Titans will start to reach real balance and respectability on offense.

-The Titans mostly play like a bunch of fish on their back seven. They don’t tackle, they slip and slide and look like they are swimming aimlessly across the field, especially when they have to tackle. The defense is limp and wet, and opponents will continue to dominate them on that side of the ball.

-James Casey is starting to see some targets on key downs for the Texans. Put him on your watch list. That means monitor him, don’t add him.

-The 49ers might have the most diverse offense in the game right now. I think everyone but the strength and conditioning coach touched the ball against the Jets. Frank Gore is a great inside runner, he really makes people miss in short space. He’s still a very strong Fantasy RB. Kendall Hunter has learned Gore’s shiftiness in tight quarters as well.

-One big reason for the Jets’ offensive issues is their continued lack of a decent running game. They continually get in adverse passing situations because Shonn Greene never gains a decent amount of yardage. Bilal Powell has more juke and shake than Greene, and needs to get in the lineup. Switching to Tim Tebow and Powell as starters could add a needed spark to the offense. But if Sanchez surprises next week against Houston, he’ll stave Tebow off again. Stash Powell and Tebow in Fantasy, though. The Jets played pretty good defense against the 49ers for awhile, but the unit simply spent too much time on the field. Kyle Wilson will continue to get picked on by opposing passers in the near future.

-Jerome Simpson adds a needed downfield dimension to the Vikings offense. He will have some good games going forward. The Vikings and the Lions both played very solid defense for extended periods against each other. When divisional rivals meet, familiarity often leads to the offenses having to work harder.

-Alfred Morris is successful because he has excellent vision and balance for a rookie, plus quick feet and good change of direction skills. He can also make defenders miss when he has to.

-Leonard Hankerson is showing the willingness to make possession catches, and he may evolve as a good all-around receiver soon. A breakout game might be coming for Hankerson.

-Josh Freeman has some real accuracy issues right now. That means some frustrating inconsistency for his wide receivers.

-Robert Griffin III is a complete all-around quarterback, more than Cam Newton or Michael Vick ever could be. He may hold the ball up like he’s showing off a cantaloupe after he picked it from the supermarket, but he does a great job of then finding the open man and delivering very accurately. He makes the right reads and takes what the defense gives him. Griffin is a fine pure passer and someone who you should not trade away in Fantasy Football unless you get blown away by an offer.

-When you think about why the Texans defense/special teams could be the best in Fantasy this year, you now have to know the name Trindon Holiday. The returner can bust loose for a score at any time.


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