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NFL Week 16 Recap: Giants, Jets, Broncos, Titans and Colts

Now we know why Perry Fewell and Tom Coughlin are on the hot seat for the Giants defensive performance this year. Despite the injuries and weaknesses in their linebacking corps and secondary, New York’s defense can play at a high level when they are motivated and fired up. Saturday’s stellar effort against the Jets was a perfect example.

Despite another poor showing by the Giants offense, Victor Cruz and a couple of late Ahmad Bradshaw runs excluded, New York was able to save their season (again) because for the first time all year the defense played at a high level. They repeatedly overcame three and outs by their offense to turn back Gang Green, despite every instant replay and almost every penalty going against them. The two touchdown drives by the Jets covered only 53 and 11 yards respectively and came three full quarters apart. They pressured Mark Sanchez, challenged Jet receivers and didn’t allow Shonn Greene and company to rip off any big runs.

If the Giants defense repeats their Christmas Eve performance Sunday night against Dallas they will walk away with the NFC East title and the right to host a Wild Card weekend playoff game. If they don’t then both Fewell and Coughlin need to see their way to the exit because the cat’s out of the bag. The defense isn’t bad; they’ve just been poorly coached.

I guess Jesus Christ was too busy getting ready for his 2,011th birthday to help Tim Tebow on Saturday. Hopefully he’ll be back to help Tebow Sunday because he is going to need it against pissed off former Bronco QB Kyle Orton and the Chiefs. Orton would like nothing more then to stick it to Tebow and especially the Bronco fans who needlessly booed him earlier this season simply because they have an unhealthy obsession with their current QB.

Miraculously the terrible Titans actually have a pretty good shot at making the playoffs. They can get in via three different scenarios. The two common denominators in all three scenarios is that they win, likely against a Texans team who is locked into the three seed and has looked terrible in their last two games, and that the Bengals lose, also likely against a Ravens team that has a division title and first round bye on the line.

If those two things happen the Titans get in if the Jets win (possible against 5-11 Miami) and either the Raiders or Broncos lose (also possible since both of these teams can lose to anyone) or if the Jets lose (Miami has played well of late) and the Raiders and Broncos both win (they can also win against pretty much anyone at home). The Titans need to help themselves and also need a lot of help but I would not be surprised if the Titans make it to wild card weekend and play the Texans for a second weekend in a row and third time this season.

I’m glad the Colts have won their last two games because it debunks the ridiculous theory that teams try to lose games in order to gain a number one draft pick. Sure the owner and front office may want this but do you think that the coaches and players game plan to lose going into a given game? Do you think when the players are on the field they are not giving it their all because they want the team they may not be on next season to have the number one pick in next year’s draft? This thinking is faulty on so many levels that it is amazing people think for one second that it could possibly be true.

The Colts have played well their last two games. I fully expect them to go into Jacksonville this weekend and beat a Jaguars team that is clearly worse than them right now. I also expect the Rams to lose at home against the 49ers because they have lost six games in a row and the 49ers will likely need to win to clinch a 1st round bye (assuming New Orleans beats Atlanta tonight). After all the talk around sorting out a potential Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning logjam odds are that logjam will involve Luck and last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, Sam Bradford.

A Staff Writer for RotoExperts, Tamer Chamma is a two time top 50 Finalist in the WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest as well as a weekly guest on the SiriusXM "RotoExperts" morning show. Tamer is also a fill-in co-host for the show. You may contact Tamer @ or follow him on Twitter @RotoExperts_TC


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