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NFL Week 15 Review: Giants, Redskins, Titans, Bears, Eagles, Texans and More

It doesn’t matter that the Giants can still make the playoffs despite their home loss to the Redskins yesterday. Sometimes it’s not just about playoff scenarios and controlling your own destiny. Over 80,000 people, most of which are Giants fans, fought traffic or maneuvered their way through mass transit to go to Metlife Stadium yesterday.

They paid hundreds of dollars per person in a game ticket, transportation, food and beverage to sit in 30-degree temperatures and watch New York get completely manhandled by a 4-9 Redskins team with nothing to play for. Or did they have something to play for? How about the handsome paycheck each player gets, which is more to play one game than some people watching from the stands yesterday make in a year.

The Redskins realized this and despite being out of the playoff picture they gave a strong effort because they get paid a lot of money to play a sport. The Giants, on the other hand, stole their paychecks and stole the money of the fans that came to watch them. In the spirit of the holiday season, every Giant player and coach (who are as much to blame since they obviously did a terrible job preparing and motivating the entire 53 man roster) should donate 1/16th annual salary to charity. Something good should come from something so pathetic.

The Titans were just as pathetic yesterday as the Giants but at least they had the courtesy to be pathetic in Indianapolis in front of win starved Colt fans. And they actually had a lead in the game, 6-3 at halftime, something the Giants failed to do once against Washington. Still losing to a winless team a week after failing to complete a come from behind win at home against the Saints likely put an end to the Titans postseason hopes. I can’t say I’m surprised. The Titans never seemed like a threat to do anything significant this year despite the fact that they have been at or above .500 every week since their win against Baltimore in Week 2.

It’s a shame that the Bears never got a chance to claim Kyle Orton. Chicago badly wanted their former quarterback after Jay Cutler injured his thumb (Orton started his career in Chicago) but the Chiefs beat them to the punch since their record was worse than the Bears at the time of Orton’s release on Nov. 22. He sure would have helped yesterday as he went 23-31 for 299 yards in the Chiefs shocking home win over the undefeated Packers. Meanwhile, while Orton was leading Kansas City to an improbable win, Caleb Hanie was registering his third 3 INT game in four weeks for the Bears in Chicago’s 38-14 loss to the surging Seahawks.

The Texans should be congratulated for clinching their division and the franchise’s first playoff spot last weekend. However, losing 28-13 at home to the Panthers is not the best way to celebrate, especially when a victory would have put them in the drivers seat for a first round bye. Now they remain in the muck with the Ravens and Steelers for the second seed. The Steelers can rise out of the muck and straight into the AFC’s top seed with a win in San Francisco tonight. They would knock the Patriots off the top of the hill due to their win at home against New England in Week Eight.

Do you think Eagles fans were happy or insanely frustrated with their blowout win over the Jets yesterday? While they still have a remote chance to make the playoffs the Eagles season is all but over despite the flashes of brilliance they have shown at times this year. Hopefully another Eagles win or two won’t save Andy Reid’s job. Sometimes it just feels like the right time for a long time coach to go and that is the case with Reid. While he has taken the Eagles to the playoffs eight times in 13 seasons he has only one Super Bowl appearance and of course zero championships to show for it. Philadelphia has also been going backwards in recent years with two consecutive 1st round losses in the playoffs preceding this year’s epic disappointment. Let someone else take a crack at coaching this team because Andy has taken the Eagles as far as he can.

Finally kudos to the Lions for a tremendous gut check come from behind win in Oakland against the desperate Raiders. Matthew Stafford and company proved they are worthy of a playoff spot yesterday and they will likely grab one with a two game lead in the wild card over the likes of the Giants, Seahawks, Cardinals and Bears.

A Staff Writer for RotoExperts, Tamer Chamma is a two time top 50 Finalist in the WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest as well as a weekly guest on the SiriusXM "RotoExperts" morning show. Tamer is also a fill-in co-host for the show. You may contact Tamer @ or follow him on Twitter @RotoExperts_TC


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