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NFL Week 14 Recap: Texans, Bengals, Lions, Vikings, Titans, Bears and More

Up 19-13 with 2:43 remaining in the game, on 4th and less than a yard Cincinnati Bengals right guard Mike McGlynn moved early causing a false start. The Bengals were forced to punt and T.J. Yates drove the Houston Texans down the field for the winning score. Mike McGlynn, you’re a loser with a capital “L”.

On first-and-goal from the one with nine seconds left, down 28-34, Detroit Lions pass rushing linebacker DeAndre Levy knocked the ball out of quarterback Joe Webb’s hands foiling a fantastic Minnesota Vikings comeback. On the play Levy clearly grabbed Webb’s facemask, but a flag wasn’t thrown. Time ran out on the play and the game was over. The ball should have been placed on the one yard line with one untimed down left in the game. Had the Vikings scored on that play and then kicked the extra point; the game would have ended in regulation with a Vikings 35-34 win. I’m not certain whose call it was, but given that the ball was on the 2-yardline and everyone including the officials were in close quarters, the Umpire, Lind Judge, Field Judge, Side Judge, Back Judge and Referee should have all been in position to make that call. The officials described above are all losers with a capital “L”.

The Tennessee Titans had the ball twice in the final minutes with a chance to beat the New Orleans Saints. The first time, New Orleans stopped Jake Locker on fourth-and-1 at the Saints 24-yard line with 2:18 left. The second time, Saints outside linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar sacked a scrambling Locker on third-and-goal as time expired. The fact that the Titans had two chances to score and didn’t is a “Fail” as my kids would say. The fact that Locker never gave his team a chance to win because he never threw the ball threw the ball makes him a loser with a capital “L”.

The Washington Redskins drove to the New England Patriots 5-yard with 1:09 to play were Santana Moss had an apparent game tying TD called back for interference. Then with 22 seconds left to play Rex Grossman’s pass went right through Moss’s hands and was intercepted by Jerod Mayo turning what looked like a game likely going into overtime into a Redskins loss. Santana Moss’s two blunders make him a loser with a capital “L”.

Marion Barber’s brain fart, running out of bounds with just 1:55 to play is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a football field. I’m not counting Jason Garret icing his own kicker last week, because the kid still should have made the kick (although someone really should check and see if Garrett actually does have a Princeton degree.) Barber turned what would have been a sure win for the Chicago Bears into another comeback win for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, this time in OT. Denver’s Matt Prayter was a hero with both with a 59-yard field goal to tie the game in regulation and a 51-yarder field goal in overtime to wing it. The goat, loser Marion Barber with a capital “L”.

The Dallas Cowboys defense gave up 500 yards of offense to Eli Manning and the New York Giants including 400 yards and two TD’s in the air. Up by 12 points with 3:41 to play the Cowboys gave up two TD’s and a two point conversion leaving them with a three point deficit.  Sure the Giants iced Dan Bailey and the kick he made didn’t count and next one was blocked, but Bailey isn’t the loser here, it’s Rob Ryan and “Big D.” Dallas defense, you are losers with a big “L”.

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