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NFL Week 11 Recap: Bears, Eagles, Giants, Jets, Broncos and More

There are so many headlines to talk about this Monday morning, Jay Cutler’s broken thumb and what it means for the Bears, another Detroit Lions comeback, Jermaine Gresham, touchdown that wasn’t a touchdown, the Miami Dolphins playing the season out with pride, the Green Bay Packers 10-0, the Indianapolis Colts 0-10, the San Francisco 49ers now having a chance to wrap up the NFC West in Week 12, the San Diego Charges losing the 5th in a row, the Cowboys and Indian’s playing a thriller in the nation’s capital, the storylines are endless. But what I want to talk about here are three of the more polarizing figures in the game, Vince Young, Desean Jackson and Rex Ryan.

You can say 100 negative things about Vince Young and they would all be hard to dispute. You can complain about his statistical inefficiencies, he’s throwing motion, his locker room issues, his off the field issues and you can go on and on. One thing you definitely can’t dispute though is that he’s a winner. He won in college on the biggest stage when given a chance and he’s been a winner on the field in the NFL too.

After the Giants scored early in the 4th quarter to tie the game an 10 Sunday night, Young led the Philadelphia Eagles on a 18-play game winning time consuming 8:51 drive culminating with a 8-yard TD pass to Riley Cooper leaving the Giants with just 2:45 on the clock. Vince Young is now 31-17 with a winning percentage of .646 as an NFL starter. Not too shabby. Check out the list of current quarterbacks in the league with any amount of starts at all worth talking about with a winning percentage that high and you’ll see what I mean.

And there’s the other guy in Philly, that bozo DeSean Jackson. Last week Andy Reid benched Jackson for missing a team meeting (he overslept), and what did DeSean learn about maturity from that experience? Not a friggin’ thing, as this week his taunting the Giants coaching staff (video)in the second quarter after a catch cost his team 50-yards. Johnson has been pouting all year because he wants a new contract. He’s a wonderful player, an impact player and the Eagles should definitely give him the new contract he wants – when he grows up. Until then, Philadelphia should continue to underpay him like the jackass that he is.

After Thursday night’s Jets vs. Broncos game there’s been quite a bit of talk around the nation about The Drive II that Tim Tebow put together. I’m not taking anything away from Tebow, and I have to admit the kid is kind of growing on me. Although he’s clearly not a very good quarterback, he’s one hell of a football player. I’ve heard people bashing Rex Ryan for his foul mouth response to a Denver Broncos fan, but I haven’t heard anyone take him or the Jets vaunted defense to task for letting Tebow drive the field at the most crucial part of the game. With the schedule the New York Jets have the rest of the way they should be a playoff team, no excuses. But if the defense is going to make like Moses in crunch time parting the Red Sea, and Brian Schottenheimer can’t figure out how to make the offense click with the pieces he has to work with, the love affair that the New York fans and media have with the jovial and flamboyant head coach is going to end pretty quickly. Ryan hasn’t experienced anything but success since he’s been in NY and when you win, when your lips can flap in the breeze and get away with it. That won’t happen anymore if the Jets don’t make the playoffs.

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