NFL Week 10 Winners and Losers


It's time for the Week 10 edition of 'NFL Winners and Losers.' Each week I will take a look at some of the bonehead plays, stupid decisions and horrible calls. I'll also give credit where credit is due and point out the good surprises each week. Here. We. Go.


Michael Vick: Well he’s certainly in the MVP discussion after that performance. Vick went 8-for-8, threw two touchdown passes and ran for one ALL in the first quarter. He threw four total touchdown passes in the game and rushed for two in one of the greatest quarterback performances in NFL history. He became third player in league history to throw four touchdown passes, score two rushing touchdowns and pass for 300 yards.

Vick humiliated the Redskins defense. He did what ever he wanted and couldn’t be stopped. And now the Eagles know who their quarterback is for the future. Why would they let him go? Vick has weapons on offense unlike any he’s had before. He looks like the most explosive player in the league and if it wasn’t for missing four games, he would probably be on the top of everyone’s MVP list right now.

Buffalo Bills: Hey now look who won a game! Congratulations.

Mike Thomas: Way to be in the right place at the right time. And way to give Gus Johnson another chance to seize the opportunity to entertain NFL fans everywhere. Thank you.


Washington Redskins: It only took one play for the Philadelphia Eagles to take a 7-0 lead over the Washington Redskins. It took less than five minutes to take a 14-0 lead. After the first quarter and nine seconds into the second, the Eagles built a 35-point lead. The Redskins were thoroughly embarrassed on Monday Night Football, losing 59-28 in front of the home crowd.

Washington went 0-for-10 on third down and Donovan McNabb threw three interceptions after agreeing to a contract extension worth $78 million. Receivers were dropping passes… Albert Haynesworth quit on the field… The defense gave up nearly 600 yards. It was a pathetic performance in every aspect of the game. The Eagles dominated on both sides of the ball.

Shaun Hill: After Shaun Hill threw a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson to cut Buffalo’s lead to 14-12 with 14 seconds left in the game, the Detroit Lions had to complete the comeback with a two-point conversion. Hill couldn’t find an open receiver in the end zone and instead of throwing a high floater to at least give a receiver a chance to jump up and grab it; he threw it a little too high and out of bounds! The question is – Does that Detroit blunder fall in the same category as Dan Orlovsky’s epic safety? I say yes, but the safety still is king of the Detroit blunders.

Terrell Owens: You know, it’s probably a good idea to not trash talk. The Cincinnati Bengals are 2-7.

Glover Quin: Good idea: Knock it down. Bad idea: Knocking it right into the receiver’s hands. - Michael Klopman

Michael, a Penn State Graduate writes for Xtra Point Football, Around the Horn Baseball, and works on the sports page at the Huffington Post.

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