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NFL Week 10 Rewind: Saints, Falcons, Eagles, Bills, Redskins and More

After losing to the New Orleans Saints 26-23 in OT, the reality for the Atlanta Falcons, who were a preseason favorite of many to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, is that they will have to now duke it out with the likes of the Cowboys, Lions and Bears and fight for a Wild Card spot. Hopefully for Mike Smith, his defense still feels that they are an integral part of a possible championship team, because he’s going to need them.

Was Smith not watching with the rest of us when Bill Belichick went for it in his own end of the field because he did not want to punt the ball back to Peyton Manning? Even if he wasn’t watching, surely he must have heard about it. I don’t care if the Falcons only needed a nano-inch for a first down, Mike Smith going for it on his own 30-yard line in overtime sent a message to the Falcons defense that they couldn’t do the job. Smith’s decision cost them the game and he may have lost the defense for the year as well. I’m just saying….

According to Tammer Chamma, the main problem with the Philadelphia Eagles is Michael Vick. While the facts he cites and his point of view he has are hard to argue, I still contend that their main problem is that at the end of games, the opposing teams often have more points than they do. I’m just saying….

At the end of October Ryan Fitzpatrick signed a 6-year/$59 million contract extension. Since then he’s played the Jets and the Patriots, and the Buffalo Bills are 0-2. In those two games Fitzpatrick is 35/64 (55%) for 337-yards with 2-TDs and 5 INT’s. I’m just saying….

The Washington Redskins dropped their fifth consecutive game, the longest losing streak of Mike Shanahan’s career as a head coach. That kind of thing will happen to you if you have Rex Grossman and John Beck as your QB’s. I’m just saying….

The Kansas City Chiefs 17-10 loss to the Denver Broncos may have been the most embarrassing loss I’ve ever seen. When people say that “all Tim Tebow does is win,” they aren’t kidding. The Broncos lost both their running backs and completed only two passes on the day (throwing the ball only eight times for 69-yards) and still beat the Chiefs by a TD. The loss wasn’t much different to when incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft lost his re-election to a dead guy! I’m just saying….

P.S. – It looks like Tim Tebow has an edge over Cam Newton in the, ‘Who will Win More Games in 2011 contest.

It’s hard to suggest that the Baltimore Ravens are an elite team when two of their losses have come to the 3-6 Jacksonville Jaguars and 3-6 Seattle Seahawks. I’m just saying….

If the Indianapolis Colts couldn’t beat the Jaguars, they aren’t going to beat anyone. I’m just saying….

If Chris Johnson decides that he’s actually going to play football, the Tennessee Titans can compete with the 7-3 Houston Texans for the AFC South crown or a Wild Card spot. I’m just saying….

Matt Stafford is not Tom Brady and the Detroit Lions aren’t going anywhere without a running game. If the game plan is to have Stafford drop back to pass 66 times, completing only 33 with 1-TD and 4-INTs is the type of thing that will happen more often than not. I’m just saying….

Mark Sanchez taking a time out with 1:24 left before half time just before the New York Jets were about to score was the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a football field. Going out of his way to make certain that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had time to drive down the field and score a TD before the half was akin to giving someone trying to shoot you bullets after they have already run out. You could point to a number of reasons in the second half after Sanchez’ brain-fart on why the Jets lost to the Patriots, but once that happened just before half-time, the game was already over. I’m just saying….

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