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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots, Colts, Titans, Chargers, Jets, Ravens and More

The AFC went 0-4 against the NFC last week, while the Colts and Bengals both suffered disappointing losses, what does that mean for the week 11 power rankings? See below:

#1 Denver Broncos

            Here for now, but haven’t been very impressive as of late; Big test against Kansas City on Sunday.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs

            The Chiefs are undefeated, but have had a soft schedule and they play the Broncos this weekend. The Chiefs pass rush better be locked in.

#3 New England Patriots

            Bill Belichick has always loved Ed Reed, but will they take a flyer?

#4 Indianapolis Colts

            I have thought this team was slightly overrated and last week’s 38-8 loss to the Rams didn’t help change my mind.

#5 Cincinnati Bengals

            This team continues to confuse everyone. Extremely impressive one week, sub par the next.

#6 Tennessee Titans

            Now that Jake Locker is out, this team will likely be sliding out of the top 10 very soon. However, the AFC is so weak that they are still alive for a wild card.

#7 San Diego Chargers

            It was pretty surprising how little success the Chargers had throwing the ball, but they are still in the think of a playoff berth.

#8 New York Jets

            The Jets have the 3rd worst point differential in the AFC, but they are still in the drivers seat for the second wild card.

#9 Baltimore Ravens

            As much as I do not care for Joe Flacco, the Ravens’ win over the Bengals was both impressive and might have saved their season…for now.

#10 Cleveland Browns

            Browns remain in good position since they boast the only winning record within the AFC North.

#11 Pittsburgh Steelers

            Somehow, this team has put themselves in a position to get back in the divisional race… don’t hold your breath though Steelers fans.

#12 Houston Texans

            It’s hard to find anything going right in Houston right now… Case Keenum might help some Aaron Rodgers owners though.

#13 Buffalo Bills

            The Bills continue to look worse and worse somehow. What a tough NFL start for their new head coach.

#14 Oakland Raiders

            What started as a promising season for Pryor has ended up with the Raiders having the 4th worst offense in the NFL.

#15 Jacksonville Jaguars

            Good new Jags fans, with the Bucs winning, the Jags are still in the hunt for the #1 pick.

#16 Miami Dolphins

            Has any team ever had a worse sequence of events while losing 4 out of 5?

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