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NFL Video: This is What Broncos Tim Tebow Sounds Like During a Game

Denver Broncos quarterback and freelance angel Tim Tebow is a fascinating creature for many reasons. His unequivocal dedication to living life the right way, his unabashed spirituality and his knack for finding ways to win when it looks like there is no shot of it happening are just of a few of the things that have made him a cultural phenomenon over the last couple of months.

The one persistent question everyone has had about Tebow, whether you like him or not, though, is: what does he actually sound like during a game? Is he preachy, full of folk wisdom and uplifting sentiments? Does he do a complete 180-degree turn and start cursing at rivals and talking about strippers and drugs?

Well, no one has to speculate anymore. Tebow agreed to be mic’d up during his last game versus the Chicago Bears and the results were, well, interesting.

Listen for yourselves.

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