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NFL Video: Tim Tebow Parody

No we don’t have a rule that says we have to write at least one Tim Tebow article a day here on the site, but the guy is so darn polarizing that it just can’t be helped. I don’t know what side you fall on with regard to Tebow, but I haven’t met a football fan yet who was indifferent about him. Odds are that you either want to see Tebow succeed in a big way or you want to see him fail; I mean “things get so bad for him that he loses his faith and becomes an atheist” kind of fail.

When I was a teenager in 1981 Terry Cashman came out with the song Talkin’ Baseball about Willie, Mickey and the Duke. I can remember as a kid my father had me listen to Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio’s song. Joe Namath had a song too, being a Jets fan I was all over that one. If you were a famous player, a sports icon, you two things; you had a nickname and you had a song.

Tim Tebow is 5-3 in his NFL career and he already has a song. Ok, it’s not really a song, it’s a song parody. But when I heard that Ryan Parker wrote a song parody about Tebow, I had to listen. You remember Ryan. He’s the Broncos fan who did the Mike Shanahan “Yesterday” video after Shanny was canned in Denver. Anyway, a few comeback wins, say a prayer or two and they write a song for you, huh… Pretty well done Ryan…..


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