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NFL Video: Tim Tebow Leads Broncos Past Jets on Final Drive

Thou shall not bet against Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Here was how it went down: With less than six minutes remaining on the clock, the Broncos were trailing 13-10, on the verge of losing to the painfully annoying New York Jets. Tebow had been completely and totally unimpressive from start to finish over the course of the night. It looked like Denver was done, and evil was set to tap dance on good’s grave.

Fast forward about five minutes to when there were only 58 seconds remaining in the game. Tebow, miraculously, somehow took the Broncos 95 yards and put a cherry atop that astonishing drive with a 20-yard dash into the endzone.

Denver wins again, and everyone who ever thought they knew anything about football is left looking the fool. Again.

Video of the magic below.

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