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NFL Video: Officials Make a Huge Mistake During Bills vs. Jets

After scoring a game tying TD and forcing Buffalo to punt on a three-and-out (including a blocking in the back foul on the Jets), with the score tied 14-14 the Jets took possession of the ball on their own 40-yard line with one time-out and :38 seconds left to go in the first half.

  1. Mark Sanchez dumps the ball off to RB Joe McKnight who fumbles the ball along the right sideline at the Jets 47-yardline before his body went out of bounds.
  2. TE Dustin Keller catches the fumble in the air and advances the ball 5-yards to the Bills 48-yard line where he is pushed out of bounds.
  3. The clock stops at :32 seconds.
  • At this point you can count at least :05 seconds go by…..
  • Then :19 seconds runs of the clock and the Jets hike the ball with :13 seconds left…

In addition to the officials running  :19 seconds off the clock, the officials spotted the ball at the Jets 47-yard line (where McKnight fumbled), not the Bills 48-yard line.

The Fumble Rule (Inside two minutes)

On a play from scrimmage, if an offensive player fumbles anywhere on the field during fourth down, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If any player fumbles after the two-minute warning in a half, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If recovered by any other offensive player, the ball is dead at the spot of the fumble unless it is recovered behind the spot of the fumble. In that case, the ball is dead at the spot of recovery. Any defensive player may recover and/or advance any fumble at any time.

The fumble rule (inside two minutes) rule clearly explains why the ball was returned with to the Jets 47-yard line. But the rule also clearly states that once another offensive player recovers the ball, that it’s a dead ball.

The Jets should have had 2nd & 3 on their 47-yard line with the clock stopped, one time out and :33 second left to go in the 1st half. A clear scoring opportunity taken away…

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