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NFL Video: Lions Stephen Tulloch Mocks Broncos Tim Tebow After Sack

It was a rough day for quarterback Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos.

One week after an exhilarating victory over the Miami Dolphins where they mustered up a desperately needed comeback in the final quarter to force overtime and, eventually, a win – they got destroyed by the Detroit Lions 45-10.

During a particular sequence in the first quarter, Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch was able to get the drop on the Broncos offensive line and bring Tebow down for a painful-looking sack. Because the play happened on a 3rd-and-7, Tulloch was understandably giddy at his accomplishment.

What happened next, though, was the epitome of adding insult to injury.

Over the last few days the prior week, a new trend hit the scene called “Tebowing.” The weird internet fad featured folks getting down on one knee, pretending to pray a la Tebow, and then laughing about it shortly thereafter.

It was basically people openly mocking Tebow, but the Broncos quarterback good naturedly acknowledged the internet phenomenon knowing that there was no malice intended.

After his sack of Tebow, Tulloch subsequently dropped to one knee and did this:

Was the taunt fair or foul? That’s for you guys to decide.


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