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NFL Video: Cam Newton, Panthers Fake out the Texans with Trick Play

Rookie quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t need trick plays to be the most impressive youngster in the NFL today. But that doesn’t mean he won’t use them anyway. During Sunday’s outing between the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans, Newton employed an oldie but goodie en route to pure and undeniable success.

As excellently described by the good folks at the Huffington Post:

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers reached deep into their bag of tricks during the first half against the Houston Texans on Sunday. On second and six at Houston's 7-yard line, the rookie phenom lined up under center with tight end Richie Brockel crouched directly to his right. In what already looked like a strange formation, Newton snapped the ball with the offensive line still standing, spun around the still-Brockel and started running to his right with running back DeAngelo Williams following.

But Newton, who set the NFL single-season record for rushing TDs by a quarterback last week, had subtly handed the ball to Brockel as he went around him. With the defense unsure who to pursue, Brockel dashed to his left with a convoy of linemen paving a path to the end zone. The score put the Panthers up 21-0 late in the second quarter…

Check the play out below.

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