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NFL Video: Brawl Erupts Between Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears

Things are starting to get a little volatile in the NFC North.

With the Green Bay Packers noticeably better than every other team in their division, the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions have been left to fight it out for the honor of “second best.” The Lions, for their part, started off hot in 2011 and quickly became one of the most talked about squads in the league. The Bears, however, have been noticeably improving all season long, nipping at the Lions all the way up to an eventual Week 10 battle between the two teams.

With a lot on the line, both teams were understandably on edge all throughout this very physical game. Things finally came to a head when Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw his third pick of the day, and ended up doubling down on his mistake by taking Bears corner D.J. Moore out of the play via his helmet.

Needless to say, Moore wasn’t happy about that, and a small brawl erupted.

Ultimately, karma prevailed on Sunday and the Bears ended up walking away with a 37-13 victory. Both teams now sit at 6-3, tied for second place in the NFC North.

Video of the melee, via the good folks at The Big Lead, below:

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