NFL Training Camp Cuts: Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Titans

With the draft finished and all of free agency’s biggest and best names off the market, each team’s roster is, more or less, set. Until, of course, training camp. When training camp and the pre season rolls around there are always a series of cuts to every roster; most expected, others not so much. Predicting the obvious cuts won’t be much fun, what with them being obvious and all, and often requires absurd amounts of research as they aren’t generally what I’d consider “household” names. For a look at some of the less likely - yet, still all too possible - names that could be hitting free agency in August, division by division, take a gander down yonder.

AFC South

Houston Texans, CB Kareem Jackson: I don’t see the Texans making any big cuts in training camp, but if they were to make one, my money’s on Kareem Jackson. For right or wrong - and I’m of the opinion, wrong - Jackson has a pretty bad rep as a cornerback. The optics aren’t very kind to Jackson, as he is almost always the guy getting beat in highlight packages and what not. The statistical reality on the other hand suggests he is a fairly good cornerback in coverage, as he grades out with a +12 rating in pass coverage on PFF who only missed 4 tackles. My money’s on the Texans hedging their bets on the stats; they never lie.

Indianapolis Colts, RB Donald Brown: Donald Brown just isn’t a good running back. Plain and simple. He doesn’t block well, he doesn’t run well and he’s not particularly adept in the passing game. There’s only one year remaining on Brown’s contract and it carries a cap hit of $2.7M, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Colts kept him around to play out his contract. Then again, why take away from snaps that could be going to Vick Ballard?

Jacksonville Jaguars, CB Marcus Trufant: The Jags have no real reason to make any big cuts in training camp, but if I had to pick one guy to be so unfortunate, it would be Marcus Trufant. The reason I chose Trufant has little to do with his very affordable one year deal, that counts for less than a million against the cap. This is purely a football move if it happens. Thing is, Marcus Trufant isn’t good. Not anymore. Injuries and age have taken their toll on Trufant and it’s reflected in his play.

Tennessee Titans, WR Kenny Britt: There were so many options for the Titans, so I went with the most well known of them all, Kenny Britt. What makes Britt a likely candidate is a combination of things both out of and in his control; it’s sort of the perfect storm. The factors in Britt’s control have to do with several off-field issues, maturity and inconsistent performance. It’s also worth noting that he’s done nothing to indicate he’s half as good as the Titans thought he would be. Tennessee has also invested two high draft picks over the past two seasons in wide receivers, both of which are capable of starting this season. Factor in the drafted wide receivers, with the free agency addition of Kevin Walter and the fact that they still have Nate Washington, who is vastly more dependable than Britt and things aren’t looking so good for Britt’s future with the Titans.

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