NFL Training Camp Cuts: Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers

With the draft finished and all of free agency’s biggest and best names off the market, each team’s roster is, more or less, set. Until, of course, training camp. When training camp and the pre season rolls around there are always a series of cuts to every roster; most expected, others not so much. Predicting the obvious cuts won’t be much fun, what with them being obvious and all, and often requires absurd amounts of research as they aren’t generally what I’d consider “household” names. For a look at some of the less likely - yet, still all too possible - names that could be hitting free agency in August, division by division, take a gander down yonder.

AFC West

Denver Broncos, RB Willis McGahee: McGahee’s time in Denver has worked out greatly for both sides. In the Tim Tebow year, that I try so hard to forget, McGahee was a key part of a rushing attack that was tops in the league. That was two years ago though, unfortunately. McGahee’s now 31 years old and in one of the more crowded backfields in the NFL. With Knowshon Moreno finally showing he can stay healthy for more than a day at time and the additions of Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball in the draft, you have to think that McGahee’s time in Denver is on life support.

Kansas City Chiefs, TE Tony Moeaki: If Moeaki spends more time on the playing field, than on the IR, to this point in his career, no way he makes this list. Despite a 15 game showing in 2012 though, that’s generally been the issue with Moeaki. So much so that the Chiefs went out and grossly overpaid for Anthony Fasano in free agency and drafted Travis Kelce in the third round. I have my doubts the Chiefs will make any big cuts, but if there’s one to be made, it’s probably Moeaki.

Oakland Raiders, QB Terrelle Pryor: Far as I’m concerned, the Raiders haven’t any more big cuts to make. If there’s one left, that has any chance of materializing, it’s the release of Terrelle Pryor; whether the fans agree with it or not. If Pryor had displayed enough potential, to this point in his career, to warrant an overhaul of the Raiders offense to suit his style of play they wouldn’t have traded for Matt Flynn and drafted Tyler Wilson. It’s also worth noting that the coaching staff in Oakland is very impressed with Wilson’s arm to this point, both where accuracy and zip are concerned. For whatever that’s worth, only time will tell.

San Diego Chargers, WR Robert Meachem: Despite being somewhere around either fifth or sixth on the Chargers receiver depth chart, Meachem is the highest paid receiver on the team. How this could ever happen is beyond me, and this mistake, like many from the Norv Turner and A.J. Smith era, needs to be erased from the teams history. How a receiver who’s spent his career catching passes from the likes of Drew Brees and Philip Rivers can not have a 1,000 yard season to his credit is beyond me and not likely to change any time soon.

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