NFL Training Camp Cuts: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets

With the draft finished and all of free agency’s biggest and best names off the market, each team’s roster is, more or less, set. Until, of course, training camp. When training camp and the pre season rolls around there are always a series of cuts to every roster; most expected, others not so much. Predicting the obvious cuts won’t be much fun, what with them being obvious and all, and often requires absurd amounts of research as they aren’t generally what I’d consider “household” names. For a look at some of the less likely - yet, still all too possible - names that could be hitting free agency in August, division by division, take a gander down yonder.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills, WR/QB Brad Smith: If you’re still trying to figure out what exactly Brad Smith brings to the table on this Bills team, you’re not alone. He’s not a good receiver, the Bills don’t run enough of the wildcat to even make him deserving of being distinguished as a quarterback on this club and he’s no Devin Hester in the return game. By cutting ties with Smith the Bills could save nearly $3M against this season’s salary cap and get more snaps for their younger receivers. Smith isn’t a bad guy to have on the roster all things considered, but not for a cap hit of $3.75M.

Miami Dolphins, DE Jared Odrick: As crazy as this sounds, Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins could, at some point in 2013, find a way to save money rather than spend it. One such cost effective move would be cutting ties with Odrick, the defensive end who’s become all too expendable with the addition of Dion Jordan via the draft. The one thing that could save Odrick is the way his contract is structured. The benefit of saving a bit of money or having a solid rotation and depth at end will have to be weighed out carefully by Dolphins brass before coming to a decision on this one.

New England Patriots, CB Kyle Arrington: Calling 2012 a disastrous season for Arrington is somewhat of an understatement. On a defensive unit that struggled so mightily as a whole, Arrington somehow found a way to outperform his teammates in that regard. Then again, he did just sign his new contract and the Patriots are always in need of help in the secondary. It’s just absurd how much Arrington is being overpaid however and that alone should make his being cut worth consideration.

New York Jets, LB Calvin Pace: I know you had to be expecting Mark Sanchez’s name to make the cut, but the retirement of David Garrard and the massive cap hit they would incur to cut ties with him make it very unlikely to happen. That leaves me with Calvin Pace as the obvious cut, for the sole reason that he, much like Sanchez, just isn’t very good. There’s also little long term cap harm to take on by cutting ties with Pace and they can save 500,000 on this year’s cap. Seems like peanuts, but with cap rollover and all, it could prove valuable down the line.

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