NFL Trade Talk: Will Broncos Move Tim Tebow?


The Denver Broncos have two more games before their week six bye and the NFL’s trading deadline.   On Wednesday, October 19th at 4 p.m. (ET), teams will no longer be allowed to acquire players from other teams via trades.

In seasons past, trades have often happened just days and even hours leading up to the deadline. After the jump, we’ll look at two players the Broncos may be willing to dangle on the trading block.

May be placed on the trading block:

  • Eighth year linebacker D.J. Williams.

Williams has been productive for the Broncos since 2004 when the team drafted him, and has started at least 14 games for the team in six of the last eight seasons.  However, one more DUI for Williams and he could be faced with a lengthy suspension.  Fourth year linebacker Wesley Woodyard has played in the place of the injured Williams (elbow) three games into the season and has proved the unit can hold it’s own with or without Williams.

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Woodyard is leading the team in tackles (29) and it would be very hard for Denver’s coaching staff to bench him when he is playing so well.  If anything, the Broncos may move Williams to inside linebacker to replace Joe Mays, who has not played as well as Woodyard.  Williams has experience at MLB and would provide a talent upgrade for the linebacking unit.

However, if the Broncos feel that Mays and Woodyard can hold their own, Williams becomes expendable.  If Denver does put Williams on the trading block, they will have no trouble finding a partner to negotiate with.

  •  Second year quarterback Tim Tebow.

If the Broncos really want the “Tebow Thing” — which has divided Broncos Country and seemingly disgruntled the locker room — to go away, all they have to do is trade Tebow.  There are teams out there that would be interested in such a trade and the Broncos could get decent value.

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The problem is, Kyle Orton isn’t playing well enough to get a contract extension after the season and reserve quarterback Brady Quinn will also be a free agent in 2012.  If Denver trades Tebow, they won’t have any quarterbacks under contract next season.  Trading Tebow before he gets a legitimate shot at proving himself as a NFL quarterback would also provide a disadvantage.

From our point of view, trading Tebow has more cons than pros for the Broncos — but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

What do you think, Broncos Country? Do you think Denver will try to deal either of the above two mentioned players? Should they?


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