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NFL Trade Rumors: Darrelle Revis to the Seattle Seahawks?

When word got out that the New York Jets were considering trading Darrelle Revis, there wasn't a fan base in the league that didn't get excited at the prospect of him joining their favorite team. No matter how unrealistic, no matter how many hoops would have to be jumped through and no matter how high the cost. If Darrelle Revis is available, he must be had. Even at the cost of the $11 million cap hit that he brings.

The reaction was no different in Seattle. The twitter-verse was afire with wishes for the league's best cornerback to come on board and form possibly the best duo in league history with Richard Sherman. Rumour has it Seahawks management is interested in pursuing the elite corner too. Is Darrelle Revis really necessary for the Seahawks though? No, not in the slightest.

The Seahawks have a lot of needs, but corner isn't one of them. Wouldn't hurt if we got another corner to play the nickel, but you don't need to give up high draft picks and eleven million in cap space to do it. Another corner would be great. A pass rush, would put the Seahawks over the top.

Darrell Revis may be the best corner in the league, but Richard Sherman isn't all that far behind. He is a better tackler, and allows only around 6% more throws caught his way to be completed. Sherman`s eight interceptions last season are also two more than Revis has ever had in a single season. They are only seven interceptions apart in terms of their respective careers, with Revis having the edge. Revis has also been in the league four more seasons. By that same token, he`d have way more interceptions if there were enough quarterbacks stupid enough to throw the ball in his direction. His reputation really does precede him.

There is no denying Darrelle Revis is a better cornerback than Richard Sherman. No statistic out there can convince me otherwise. Or anyone else for that matter. Fortunately for the Seahawks though, acquiring Revis would be about as excessive as it gets. It would also hinder their ability to bolster the defensive line and acquire help for the pass rush. I wouldn't be overcome with grief if the Seahawks acquired Revis, but it just seems unnecessary is all.

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