2011 NFL Mock Draft: Bowers’ Knee Scaring Teams Away?


Just as recently as a month or so ago, there were many people who had Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers pegged to go No. 1 overall to the Carolina Panthers. But, it’s been a while since anyone has predicted that.

Bowers told NFL teams at the combine that his surgically repaired was fine and that he was 100%. But now there are real concerns about that knee after he didn’t workout at the combine or his March 10th Pro Day. NFL Network Analyst said that the rumors of him sliding down the draft board are very real.

“I’ve gotten an awful lot of phone calls from people around the league who think that there’s more there than what was reported initially,” Mayock said. “Every team shares information from the combine, and ultimately it will come out. But I think there was maybe a little bit more than met the eye at the combine.”

Bowers’ agent put out a statement saying that he’ll hold an individual workout on April 1st. Hopefully, it’s not a joke.


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