NFL Stats Round-Up: Week 8

As most of you know, I am a big statistics guy when it comes to sports and the NFL. I am not saying that statistics mean everything, but I can just never get enough. So, here are some interesting NFL statistics this so far this year:

  • The Broncos maligned defense has forced 44 punts, the 5th most in the NFL
  • Of the 10 teams that have thrown 5 INT or less, all of them are at or above .500
  • The Vikings have 2 kick returns for TD, the rest of the league combined has 1
  • The Jaguars have more losses (8) than offensive touchdowns (7)
  • The Cowboys are winless (0-9) when Dez Bryant scores more than 1 TD
  • Rams are the only team left without a rushing TD
  • Of QB with at least 100 passing attempts, 27 have a better rating than Tom Brady
  • Eric Decker has as many 40+ yards plays as Calvin Johnson
  • The Broncos have twice as many points as 17 different teams
  • The Jets, Seahawks, and Browns each have more penalties than the Bears and Colts combined
  • Six of the eight 1st place teams are undefeated at home
  • Only 4 of those 8 have a winning record on the road

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