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NFL Shocker: Raiders will Cut JaMarcus Russell

If this happens, this is a stunner. ESPN’s John Clayton reports that it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” as far as the Oakland Raiders releasing standout QB JaMarcus Russell. Sure, he’s stood out for the wrong reasons, but who doesn’t want a 300+ lb. QB on their roster? Think of the possibilities!

Clayton thinks that he’s possibly going to be cut before this weekend’s minicamp, which would make the most sense. If they release him now, they’ll save $6.45 million on him. Then again, after dumping $36 million into him in three seasons, what’s another few million?

The writing was on the wall for Russell when he stunk up the joint time after time, denied any responsibility and lost the entire locker room. But the writing was really on the wall when the Raiders made the move to get Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins. They now have 24 QB’s on their roster right now.

So maybe this has nothing to do with Russell’s performance (just ask him, he’ll tell you). Maybe he just got caught up in a numbers game. Someone has to go, right?

When Russell is finally executed at the guillotine, expect no one to be remotely interested in him. Unless someone needs an interior defensive lineman with no motor.


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