NFL: Seahawks Fans Cheering Lynch Run Caused Seismic Shock


Leave it to the 12th man Seattle Seahawks fans to move the city during one of their team’s postseason games.

As the Seahawks shocked spectators all over the U.S. on Saturday afternoon when they defeated the defending champion New Orleans Saints – their fans did something pretty special too.

During Marshawn Lynch’s now infamous touchdown run, the Seismologists at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network detected activity at a sensor west of Qwest Field. Apparently, the roar during the 67-yard score was so deafening that it actually rocked Seattle.

"We looked at the stations nearby and one station in particular just clearly showed the crowd roaring," said John Vidale, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

Those Seattle residents must have been really hyped up on coffee to cause that kind of frenzy.


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