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NFL Rumors: Will Plaxico Burress Land with the Carolina Panthers?

At 35 years old, Plaxico Burress knows his time in the NFL will soon be coming to an end. In light of everything he's been through, you can't blame the man for wanting some security.

Burress played for New York Jets last year -- ultimately hauling in 45 receptions for 612 yards and eight touchdowns.

Burress has consistently shown that he can be a pretty solid target in the league, and apparently he's interested in landing with the Carolina Panthers. His reason?

As he told WFNZ in Charlotte on Monday:

“My brother lives right there in Charlotte, my cousin lives there in Charlotte, and all my family is there in Columbia, South Carolina. It would just be a great situation all the way around and being close to everybody.

“Not just that, but playing with Cam, who I think is one of the top five quarterbacks in all of football, and as long as I can remember, Steve Smith has been one of my favorites. I just think it’s a great situation.”

Burress has reportedly received calls from some NFC South teams, but the Panthers have not been one of them. A couple of months back, Burress also expressed interest in playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I just want to put myself in a position to go out and have success and to make the guys around me better and obviously play with a quarterback who can really play the position,” Burress said. “It’s just about me picking my spots and seeing where I’m a good fit. You just look at a situation like Carolina. You can’t come across a better situation than that.”

I believe the Panthers should sign Burress.

What do you think?

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