NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow to Demand a Trade from Jets?


The Tim Tebow Experiment should have worked out better than this.

When the New York Jets acquired Tebow, it appeared as though everyone in the organization was on board with the move. Obviously team brass loved their new backup quarterback for the attention he would inevitably deliver, however, it seemed like the coaching staff liked the decision as well. Best case scenario they had a moderately proven No. 2 who could step in should Mark Sanchez get hurt. Worst case scenario they had a moderately proven No. 2 who could step in should Sanchez underperform and get benched.

Obviously things didn’t go down that way, though. Rex Ryan, for whatever reason, resented Tebow from the very beginning and ultimately refused to utilize him. Sanchez shrank under the media scrutiny and pressure that came standard with his new backup. And the Jets, as an organization, refused to do anything about both of those problems.

This past Monday night, the Jets were knocked out of playoff contention by the woefully awful Tennessee Titans. One day later, Ryan announced that Sanchez was getting benched and that Tebow would not be named the starter. Predictably, this followed (by way of

The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that Tebow will request to be traded or released after the season assuming Greg McElroy starts the Jets' final two games. Tebow is scheduled to earn $2.6 million in base salary in 2013, but the Jets can cut him with a minimal cap hit of $1 million, the paper reports.

One way or another, Tebow will no longer be a member of the Jets this time next year. Traded, cut or transported to another organization by way of divine intervention – the Jets will not have this particular problem in 2013-14.

Still, it’s hard to understand how things went so horribly off the tracks this season. Regardless of what you personally think of Tebow, if a team goes so far as to acquire him, how can it then not play him? It just makes no sense whatsoever. This entire fiasco could have been averted if Tebow had been put in a few weeks ago and either succeeded or failed on his own. That would have been win-win for Ryan and Co.

Instead they find themselves where they are now.


(Kudos, NY Daily News)

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