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NFL Rumors: Seahawks to Sign Henry Melton, Randy Starks or Dwan Edwards?

As important as shoring up the pass rush is for the Seattle Seahawks, becoming more consistent in their run defense is just as necessary. Especially with Alan Branch set to hit free agency. Luck would have it for the Seahawks that - as with all their positional needs - there is no shortage of options on the market. Below I will list some of the best available options.

DT/DE, Henry Melton: Probably the best interior lineman available in free agency. Very powerful with great size and the ability to play either defensive end or tackle. Has had two very good seasons now, compiling a combined 13 sacks. My only qualm would be the kind of contract he is going to get. Players like Melton don't make it to free agency very often and that in combination with his age (26) will land him a very large pay cheque.

DT, Randy Starks: My favourite of all the available options. His 4.5 sacks this season matched his sacks total from last year, even though he was switching to a new scheme with Joe Philbin taking over in Miami. Like Melton he has the ability to play end or defensive tackle. Based on how well he played defensive tackle this season though, he'll be just fine as a replacement for Alan Branch. I think upgrade is a more appropriate way of putting it. He does his best work defending the run, an area that definitely needs improvement. Best of all he might be a very affordable option based on his age. He is now 29. Hoping the Seahawks give him a long hard look.

DT, Dwan Edwards: There is a little risk involved with pursuing Edwards. He is 31 years old and just had the best season of his career with the Panthers. He registered 6 sacks which is 3.5 more than his previous season high. Will this flash in the pan season result in somebody over paying for Edwards, or did he rise to the occasion when given an opportunity with the Panthers and earn a big pay day? Who knows... Might be worth taking a chance on Edwards with the right contract.

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